Questions Wholesalers should ask

Sometimes attending the customers directly does not help in starting a successful business. For some people this just doesn’t work.  The solution to this is to move up the supply chain and start distributing the product to the other retailers. due to the increased volume you’ll be selling, the revenues will grow much faster, but it is a different kind of business and it takes some getting used to. The hidden advantage of wholesale commerce is that not only do you open the possibility of growing your cash flow, you are allowing other businesses to take part in the marketing of your products. The idea of wholesaling is to encourage larger orders and more revenue. It’s probably wise to start out with something simple and see how your business adjusts to this new way of distribution.

This process is not as simple as it seems. New wholesalers might not find this process of success as very charming. There are so many excuses one can give for quitting. Some people are not prepared to pay the price for the achievements they want to see. They don’t want to study their craft, they don’t want to spend time making mistakes and fear what others will say. They assess their potential success based on other failures.

Finding the buyers first

The list of buyers is of prime importance.  How big you should build a list is another day’s conversation. Building a list of buyers can provide you with the affluence and relief of thinking that you will always have a buyer for your deal. The concern with this philosophy is that the metrics of buyers can variation. Getting buyers can be a task as they don’t want to waste their time and resources with the newbies. They may not seem very eager to talk to a newbie at first and may require a lot of convincing. It is suggested to build a buyers list and work as a seasoned wholesaler who will do the disposition for you until a property is found.

Finding the Deal First

Finding a deal in the market can be more difficult than finding a buyer. Since it’s a sellers’ market across the nation, buyers are scrambling to be the first to a good deal.

Finding both

People always ask about what to do first? To find a buyer or find a deal. The best approach of becoming a successful wholesaler is to find both. Finding one is a self-imposed limitation. It can be eliminated by letting yourself get into the business and look for both. Although there are benefits to building a list and finding the deal independently, there’s a bigger upside if you work on doing both to speed up the process and help you build momentum.

Asking yourself

A newbie wholesaler should always ask himself if he can accurately comp a property and if you know the price per square foot for rehab. The newbie should be familiar with the trends of the local market. The newbie should know where the buyers are buying and what is the reason behind it. While choosing a market one should know the its pros and cons and should have a solid reason behind choosing that environment. If a person is able to answer these questions, he is ready to get into the wholesaling business. But if any of these questions is left unanswered, one should reconsider putting all the resources into it.


If you are interested in starting a wholesale business, the homework must be done properly. Knowing all aspects of the business is imperative to be successful.


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